Latest Boy Smells Collection Kush Candles 2020

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Latest The Boy Smells Collection candles 2020 will be sold on your own as a normal its important take on cannabis-inspired smell. It combine notes of cannabis flowers and tulip with brushed suede and amber for a grounded, warm, ever-so-slightly floral scent.

The Boy Smells Collection candles 2020 will be sold individually as a standard cashmere woods, white amber, vetiver, tulip and powdery musk. In honor of the Collection, Boy Smells dressed up Cashmere Kush  in ecru packaging.

Its notes are more bold, with Spanish saffron, resinous labdanum, tonka bean, raspberry and patchouli joining foundation suede and, of course, plain cannabis. nuanced version of the aroma than anything you’d smell wafting from your stoner neighbor’s apartment. Cashmere Kush candles. It comprises those two scents

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